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In the large list of “Staying Healthy”, you have signed up for a fitness boot camp. That is brilliant. Before anything else, step back for a moment, take a deep breath and clap for yourself. You deserve it. Treat yourself to an ice cream also if you must. Once all treats are sorted, you make your way back to the list and buying fitness clothes should ideally be next in line.

It is important to keep in mind that while workout clothes serve the main purposes of reducing the risk of injury, increasing flexibility and making the overall workout more comfortable, they also serve an unmentioned purpose of making you look good for your fitness program thereby motivating you further.

Listed below are few things you should ideally look out for before and while purchasing exercise apparel.

Don’t Rush it

Shopping rules do not change because the clothes are less appealing than your daily wear.

On the contrary, if you take your time when shopping for workout clothes, you will be surprised at the clothes you could buy that can be pulled off as sexy, sleek and even cheap, if you look in the right places.

Start by window-shopping at your local Rip just cbd gummies Curl store or Billabong outlet. Do remember to leave your wallet at home. This would give you an idea of how much you would have to allocate from your allowance for shopping.

Next, plan your shopping. This is overstated yes, but the preacher does not usually practice it. List out the number of days you workout and how many hours a day. In the list, also include the periodic weather and seasonal changes and finally the amount you are willing to spend. While it is tempting to be thrifty, keep in mind the practicalities in terms of pricing and so on. Your earlier rounds of window-shopping would come in to use at this point.

What’s more, if the signing up at the boot camp is your first attempt at staying healthy, then buy clothes appropriately. Know your workout routine, whether it is to swim, jog, Pilates and choose your clothes wisely.

However, if you are a frequent patron of the gym or you roll out your yoga mat more often than you sit down at the couch for an episode of Neighbours, then you are strongly advised to consider purchasing exercise apparel.

The Shopping Experience

When shopping for the first time, you will be thrilled – or perhaps not – with the range of clothes lined up for you. Ensure you visit the trial room a few times before you find your way to the cashier. It is not advisable that you stick to your regular size, as it tends to vary for exercise apparel in particular. Observe the colour and stitch: choose darker colours to hide a bulge of fat and select a boot-cut to poise your curvy hips.


Comfort is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing exercise apparel. It is important that you are comfortable in the clothes that you buy and eventually will wear. If the store allows it, try it on because the size of workout clothes might at times be different to regular clothing sizes.

Keep in mind that workout clothes are designed with a certain agenda in mind and therefore have a different set of objectives to accomplish.

Although, it is tempting to wear baggy clothes and hide the bulge you are trying to lose, by wearing clothes that compliment your body well you will be able to appreciate yourself and your body and could motivate yourself better while working out.


While browsing through racks, flip the care label and make note of the material percentages that are present in the garment. Ensure that spandex, Lycra/polyester or similar synthetic material is present.

While Spandex is light and it hugs your body without making it too skin tight, it allows enhanced flexibility, whereas Lycra/polyester or an equally synthetic material that permits wicking, allows its use during most weather conditions.

Sales and Discount Stores

When you enter the store, grace the clearance racks first. Digging into a pile of clothes, you might never know what would be in store for you.

If the shop allows it, opt to register or sign up for notifications on offers and deals they are likely to have in future. Check online on and see what is in store for you there. Compare prices and see what is most feasible and of course, affordable.

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