All About the Different Vacuums

Unlike like other brands, Eureka only make vacuum cleaners and Eureka can claim to make some of the best upright vacuum cleaners on the market today. Despite heavy competition Eureka vacuum cleaners remain best sellers, which many consumers consider to be a top rated vacuum. As well as making amongst the best uprights, best cheap cordless vacuum cleaner Eureka also make some of the most lightweight of upright vacuum cleaners.

Eureka was founded in the Detroit, Michigan in 1909 and the Eureka vacuum cleaner is now a popular vacuum both in America and 44 other countries. Eureka is famed for its iconic upright vacuum and many consumers consider a Eureka to be the best upright vacuum cleaner you can buy. But not only does Eureka make some of the best upright vacuums, they also make some of the lightest upright vacuum cleaners.

The Eureka Model 96D weighs only 5lbs. The Eureka 96D is a cordless/rechargeable unit, which combined with its lightweight construction, makes it easy to use in those difficult-to-get-at places. It’s also bagless with an easy to empty dust cup. Whilst it may not be as powerful as other uprights, it does convert into a hand-held vacuum and can be walled mounted. Its real selling point is the fact that the 96D is cordless.

The flagship of the Eureka lightweight upright vacuum cleaners range is the Model 437AZ vacuum cleaner. It weighs in at only 11.8lbs, making it lighter than a comparable Dyson vacuum. It features the distinctive Comfort Grip Handle. A Dyson Cyclone vacuum can claim to have better suction – especially as the dust compartment fills – but the Eureka compensates by using the Power Paw with Risor Visor. This is a hand-held attachment that uses a power brush roll to suck up deep down dirt and pet hair. Eureka claim that the Power Paw and Risor Visor can remove more dust – and safely – than other vacuum cleaners, and can also be used vertically to clean upholstery and curtains. As you would expect from a top rated upright vacuum cleaner it comes with a HEPA filter to prevent over 99% of dust being blown back into your home.

But if you really want to buy the lightest upright vacuum cleaner on the market, then the Eureka 166DX vacuum is for you. It weighs an incredibly light 3.6lbs! The 166DX features a telescopic handle, easy-to-empty dust cup, 15ft cord, and crevice tool. Admittedly, the Eureka 166DX vacuum cleaner isn’t designed to clean large houses, but it’s ideal for cleaning small apartments. Also, if moving a vacuum cleaner up and down stairs is not for you, you might consider buying a Eureka 166DX for using just in the basement or upstairs. The Eureka is the most lightweight of upright vacuum cleaners.

What’s nice about Eureka lightweight upright vacuums is that each model offers something different, whether it be cordless and rechargeable, wall mounted, lightweight but with HEPA filter, or versatile by converting to a hand-held vacuum. Also, for their size and weight, each Eureka vacuum cleaner comes with lots of power, making Eureka lightweight vacuums among the best.

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