5 Tips For Search Engine Optimization

SEO was one of our initial services and SEO is the service which has made us the best digital marketing agency in Karachi . Working as a lead of an SEO team in different firms and then in Vedigitize I have gathered some basic but very important tips which everyone should know before doing Search Engine Optimization.

Page Loading Speed

People today are very impulsive even though they cannot wait for a page to be loaded. We cannot change this habit but we can increase the loading speed of our page. If the person clicks on any specific URL and waits and then presses the back button this activity tells Google that the user cannot wait so long so please from next time do not show this link.This is a very typical explanation of page loading speed for beginners.

Outbound Links

Some people think that providing external links in your content has no use but it helps your reader to find the desired and required information. And Google wants to satisfy this need of users and it wants to see the user happy. This is the tip which people seldom understand.

Human Oriented Content

10-12 years past I would write on content with the intention for search engines. Now the trend has been changed due to the latest algorithms and now all digital marketing agencies in Karachi and across the globe write the content for humans not for search engines and search engine itself encourage this practice.

Use Web Analytics Tool

Check and balance is required everywhere likewise in SEO. It is very necessary to keep an eye on the results of the efforts you are making to your site ranked.

Google Analytics and Google Console are the most popular and used tools to check the user behaviour with your website. Ultimately these tools help us to do an analysis of the improvement we are making.

Unique Meta Descriptions

Meta description is the thing which appeals the user to click on the URL and visit the website. You can say it is the door step for every user. Creating different meta descriptions for every single page is a useful tip for SEO doers.

I would suggest my readers use these tips in your daily SEO practice. There can be hundreds of other tips and techniques that can be used to optimize a website.

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